: i already wrote "in some social way". i doubt they bring the referal back but some other thing. probably like connect with 20 league friends on facebook or something. companys love knowing more about their customers
Oh yup, sorry, I misunderstood your first comment Well you're right then :)
: They didn't Limit the skins with that they always said that they would bring them back if the Refer or something similar comes
Well I'd have nothing to complain about if they made them available by reintroducing something like refer a friend, this just doesn't seem the case
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch were the 2 RAF skins, right? I don't know. All they said when they retired the RAF program all together (the real reason being they felt they didn't have to "bribe" players into this game anymore) was that the 2 skins "may come back in some way later". Frankly, I wouldn't worry too much about it this time. The RAF program was a social feature, and just a champion rework shouldn't be enough to warrant a return of otherwise a "limited" skin. _I use " " on limited here, because it isn't verified to be one or the other (limited/legacy)._ On a personal note, the RAF program were laughable. The ones with the most friends/time to level smurfs would get the most RP (later changed to IP) + the 2 skins. A far as I'm concerned, those 2 skins were Pay2Win. Except it was Riot who paid for it.
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/TYE1ohYJ-meddler-when-will-coc-be-looked-at-or-poppy?comment=000200000000 This is what raised my worries Btw thanks man, I appreciate your answers
: They said that Grey Warwick will be available through some social was just like it was available through the social refer-a-friend System. If it wouldnt have been abused by botters it would still be in use and people could get the skin so I really cant understand your point
I don't agree with that, saying "if it wouldn't have been abused by botters it would still be in use and people could get the skin" it's KINDA like saying "if it wouldn't have been for the PAX terms of agreement I could still buy Pax TF", with the difference that Riot itself decided to stop the viability of Grey WW and Medieval Twitch with the closing of refer a friend, if they didn't like to limit those skins they could have done something right away. Besides that my point didn't ever touch the argument of "why a certain content is limited", so I don't undestand your point either
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Given the official statements, there are limited skins and then there are _limited_ skins. The difference being skins that were, at any point, purchasable in the store, such as Championship Riven, Urfwick and Rusty Blitzcrank. Skins like that were stated to return to the store after 4 years, getting their status changed from limited to legacy. _Limited_ skins on the other hand, defined as skins that never were purchasable in the store (Victorious skins, PAX skins, Silver Kayle and Black Alistar to name a few), will NEVER be made available for regular purchase. _Pity, as I'd really like Victorious Elise, as it's her only good skin._ ^^
Oh thank you, wasn't aware of this So Grey Warwick should fall under the second definition right? And if this is accurate then ok, I agree that at least Urfwick is predisposed to be buyable again... P.S: could I get a link to that official statement?
Doomley (EUW)
: I understand the grey warwick skin because you could only get it through refer a friend. But urf warwick is like championship riven. It was purchasable so everyone should be able to get it. I would be mad too if they would make it possible to buy victorious skins because they weren't purchasable in the first place and they are symbols of achievement. The urf ww however should be purchasable. I even remember playing when it was in store and i got sad when i noticed that it got removed and i hadn't bought it.
I get what you feel, that happened to me with Championship Riven, but I still think it deletes the purpose of making something limited... the only solution I see would be to make it accessible only to players who had active accounts when it was purchasable, but that's probably hard to do
Rioter Comments
: Notice that the video says "Pre-release" and the description says "Skin name is CONFIRMED as Feral Warwick, particles & SFX may not be final.". Skins on the PBE are subject to change.
You gotta admit tho that without any "complaining" Riot could think that players do like the skin the way it is, and this post is the best way to complain (I don't think that's the right term to use in this case, there's not enough negativity to support it) because it addresses and analyses the issues that the reworked skin has. I don't own this skin but it was my favourite WW's skin pre-rework, now it's subpar compared to the others


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