: More mastery levels
How about this instead, since S+ is nigh-impossible. 5 S or higher games to get enough Mastery Tokens for Level 8. Then the top 50 players in each region for that champion get a Mastery Token for Level 9 each month. You need, let's say 6 to unlock the Mastery.
: RIOT - You ruined URF!
We pick random champions all the time because otherwise we keep on seeing the same champions, which is boring.
: Morrelo on ekko yes or no?
Morello is good if you need to better manage your mana without blue buff, but if you're confident taking people down and keeping enough of a pool to stay safe, then I don't see why you shouldn't buy it. If you ignore it, be sure to pack Ignite to help take down heavy healers (Mundo, Maokai, anyone near Soraka)
: Fun question: If you'd work at Riot, what department?
In order of preference: 1. Design Team (Champion/Gameplay, I don't mind) 2. Community Team (Reaching out to the playerbase is important, but fun if you know what to do) 3. Writing the Patch Notes (Also fun to do)
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: They're still there, but i think those are pretty rare :)
Can confirm they still exist. I've had a green ribbon for about 4 years, maybe 5 (if 5 is possible but I may be overexaggerating)
DJ Buki (EUNE)
: They just pushed Edge of Night nerfs hotfix to live, might wanna mention that :D
I'll put that in the notes next week, with a note that they saw this post and realised 'Oh h*ck' and changed it immediately.
: > * You are now able to properly make words when chat typing inst * ead of it being split awkwardly. I'm dead. XD
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: Written word for word from the Official Patch Notes: Gnar no longer instantly kills champions when E - Hopping from one corner of Camille’s R - The Hextech Ultimatum to another. what the actual shit
: cho gath, fiddle, galio, ivern, jarvan, kayle, orianna, sejuani arent supp mate
They aren't support with that attitude.
: Can i just inform you of the tremendous enjoyment i find in these and that i hope you will keep going for as long as you can?
Your message regarding your enjoyment in this and hope that I will carry on for as long as I can has been duly noted and appreciated.
: send me a link to the na one I'll support you there
: This would've got you over atleast 50 upvotes on the NA boards, really good bro. xD
It's on NA GD Boards and only has 2 upvotes there, so... EU > NA {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} EDIT: I also have this up on the League of Legends Reddit, and it's been sitting on the top of the second page there for like half an hour.
Rismosch (EUW)
: "Rundown" This video is 30 minutes long. WTF?!
I could summarise this patch in 14 words exactly: Nerfs, Practice Tool, Client Update Assets, Weird Bugs Fixed, Blood Moon, That's About It.
Rioter Comments
ARURF? Bah! Humbug.
: Hi Valynx, As you have pointed out, it will be coming *during* the 7.3 patch cycle. As you have also rightly pointed out - this is a pretty anticipated feature - and we want to make sure the release doesn't cause negative impact to other parts of the game. As we tend to do with totally new features, it will be rolled out region by region to ensure stability - if we launch in all regions at once and it turns out there is stability issues, not only will it impact all regions but it also means disappointing all those regions by pulling it at the same time. Rather than doing this, we tend to roll out to a smaller region or two to test smaller "pressure" on the hardware - then roll out to larger regions as we feel comfortable that it's not causing negative impact. While you may find this disappointing, we'd prefer to be cautious about it than throw it out immediately because of high demand - the exact same high demand that could potentially impact other parts of the game during a rush of people trying out the practice tool. While we've had internal load testing as well as PBE load testing, we know from experience that despite our best efforts - load testing can sometimes miss some "real world" conditions that player's have surprised us with in the past :-)
>While we've had internal load testing as well as PBE load testing, we know from experience that despite our best efforts - load testing can sometimes miss some "real world" conditions that player's have surprised us with in the past :-) Dynamic Queue launch never forget
xPechenkax (EUNE)
: EUNE down - 06:00 really?!
Patch 7.2 maintenance?
: Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank and Amumu HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!!! (they will never be released)
: what sion wall hop?
Sion can jump over small walls at the end of his ult.
: What will you do first in Sandbox mode ?
Get that red side dragon pit ward into the tribush at L1 right as possible.
Sevencix (EUW)
: If I don't see a patch 7.2 summary like this, I'm coming after you fam. You're warned now.
Oh no. I guess I have to keep making them now then.
: Best post January 2017. Or at least till 7.2.
So long as you don't make me go ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
: this is brilliant lmao
: Give this guy a Porosnax!
I endorse this comment. :3
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Wen294 (EUW)
Interestingly enough, Ned didn't actually say the words 'Brace Yourselves.' That was added to give the meme more dankness.
Rioter Comments
: Looking for humble peeps ^^
I have a top hat and monocle, always say 'gl hf' and 'gg' in games with lots of 'gj' 'ty' and 'np np' thrown in. Can I join the club?
: Everything is a support, but don't expect random people to be able to play with them. Only pick those stuff if you know the ADC and/or agrees to it.
>I understand you want to play Nidalee/Teemo support, however, your team does not want you to play Nidalee/Teemo support.
Panathas3 (EUNE)
: Really like the mundo part :P{{champion:36}} goes where he pleases
That bit was fun to do, and it was a really spontaneous thing. Because full Autofill gives a chance to play support all the time, I tried to imagine a typical player-who-has-to-play-support-but-doesn't-really-want-to, and the Nidalee support thing was the first thing to come to mind. So it became Mundo asking about Nidalee support.
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grammos2520 (EUNE)
: Why is Europium better than Sodium ?
>All the elements available, and you choose to be salty? {{champion:99}}
GPet (EUW)
: How are you all doing at this fine start of a great new week?
I stayed up a bit last night to fix some issues with my mod, which turned out to be really small things, so I'm quite happy about that.
: Short overview of issues with support role
>In short you sacrifice your own skills / talents for helping others. And you get nothing in return. The reason I enjoy support is because I get the satisfaction of being the silent carry in return. :')
DemonikSoul (EUNE)
: potential fix ARE SEROUSE RIOT!
Basically, everyone's MMR was screwed over in Flex Queue - as it was a new queue option. People who had high ranks were placing in much lower ranks than expected, and lower ranked players were much higher that expected. The 'fix' reset everyone's MMR back to the last correct time, which is at the start of preseason. So everyone's MMR was adjusted up or down to compensate, and the rank alterations are a reflection of that.
Alex2102022 (EUNE)
: What do you think about this crap?
There's actually a lot of discussion about this on the subreddit, and several people are debating that he is actually not playing by the proper rules. [This thread]( explains it in a lot more detail and better than I could here, but TL;DR is that he more often plays 'Counter-Jungle Roaming Singed' that 'Support Singed.' I understand that he wants to play Counter-Jungle Roaming Singed, however, his team does not want him to play Counter-Jungle Roaming Singed.
: Dear Riot , Hear my msg ! Serious opinion about Flex Queue and recent changes !
The thing is, though, people change _every year._ Some will obviously get better and climb higher than before, and others may do worse. The soft reset means everyone goes _down_ on average, and it's not too late to regain your rank. If you work hard, you _will_ get back to where you were last year. I just don't agree with everyone staying the same rank each year.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey SenpaiiNoticeme, I've removed the summoner name in your thread because it violated the N&S rule we have [here on boards]( **** Rioters will never ban somebody just because some other person (friend or not) asks them to. So, you're pretty safe on that side. However, if you violated [the Summoner's Code]( and/or [ToU]( you probably will get punished sooner or later, according to the gravity of the violation. But that guy will have nothing to do with it. Hopefully that's not the case. Anyway, good luck and have fun on the rift! ^.^
Can I just add on to this and say that, if I read the Terms of Use correctly, that impersonating a member of Riot Games or someone who talks as though it's from or related to Riot Games (such as this case potentially, but I'm no expert, this is just an educated guess with the available information) punishable.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Plants
I'm of two minds about them. They're noticeable, and have positives for their use, but I just don't get to use them often enough to get their full benefits.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: How's it going?
The Worldbreaker skins look cool, and fill quite the neat niche of Mayan/Aztec Doomsday. If you like it, get it, but if you don't, fine. I'm just waiting for the Braum Chroma.
Kusluk (EUW)
: AKA the new normal draft, cause who cares about flex rank
Actually, Ranked Flex will make you eligible for End Of Season Rewards, like Solo/Duo Queue. And doing well in both queues will earn you 'bonus rewards.'
Rioter Comments
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Alistar support- Courage of the Colossus or Bond of Stone?
Before 6.22 I would've said Bond in a heartbeat, but now I'd call it for Courage of the Colossus. It's REALLY strong right now, and even when it does get nerfed the cow will be a big user of the mastery. On a related note, Windspeakers is trash tier on Ali now, don't get it.
KingTifa (EUNE)
: What is ranked flex?
Ranked Flex is a new game mode for Ranked play which will have players queued is as a 1,2,3 or 5 man party, compared to the new(?) Solo/Duo queue, which is limited to a party of up to two players. Ranked rewards are currently being distributed and may take several weeks to complete.
IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: The best patch notes I have ever read.
Thanks! I did one of these ages ago and forgot about it. I'll try and get back into this, so long as I can think of something natural for the note.
: People should also be aware that the president is not all powerful. Trump will need the senate for a lot of things. And although yes the Republicans still hold the majority, a lot of them do not agree with Trump's extreme views. There really isn't going to be a wall on the south border, only republican policies that may be a bit more right-wing than they were previous times. And although Trump has been radical during his candidacy, people really shouldn't be afraid he's going to unleash a nuclear war. I think the primary concerns of anyone outside the united states should be economics, and military tension (especially relations with Russia).
That is true, but the president still has a lot of power. He can still get a lot of things done which may or may not be popular with US citizenship or anger some nations. Yes, there'll be people who object with his views and policies in the senate (and I think there's a house of representatives) but there'll also be people who agree with his views, so some of his big policies may still be passed. The one thing that probably won't go through at all is that Mexico wall. There'll be a lot of tension around that. Another note: He'll be accountable for foreign policy, economics as you said, the actions of the country's diplomats and, as Commander in Chief (or whatever it is) holds a lot of sway with military strategy. So if his immigration laws are inherently discriminatory, or he says something offensive about a country or people, or makes HEAVILY unpopular military decisions, then it'll all land on him.
: so if i get it right when i dont play any ranked in preseason i'll get a low mmr in s7?
It'll be based on just your ranking in 2016 (albeit with the soft reset it'll be slightly lower - this is normal and will happen to everyone else)
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