Help with laning on Top

Gold Player here, I play a lot of Jungle and Top. Jungle is fine, I understand Jungle, I know how to gank (I hope) and do my stuff. But even after 50 hours of top in a row I don't get why I'm losing. 99% of the games I'm stuck under my tower and can't farm because my enemy pushes me, almost one-shots me with everything. Either I feed like crazy or I cant leave my tower and the they destroy it WHILE I'M STANDING NEXT TO IT. This happens so often. For example: I play a lot of Trundle Top, and I know that Trundle is perfect against Tanks, and every guide tells me that he can't lose an normal 1v1 after he got his ult. Ok then. In almost all Top games with Trundle is my opponent (if it's a Tank or Bruiser) destroying my tower, and I'm smacking the life out of them. And they can simply ignore me. Every. time. With my ult, my buff field, my slow and damage buff i'm punching them and they ignore me and destroy my tower, it would be funny if that wouldn't frustrate me so much. This happens with Sions and Garens mostly, but can also happen with others because I do no Damage with Trundle, somehow, even with conqueror and with cutting of half of their armor -.- With every other champ it's often worse. I love to play poppy. I'm feeding every game with her. I get burst down in seconds. I lose half my health in every trade and they can simply run me down under turret. I play Camille and, again, the opponent can simply IGNORE me because my damage is so low. 90% of my Top games are me trapped under my tower because i get almost one-shot by everything, and then get tower dived every 2 minutes, and the other 10% are me trying to trade against someone I'm countering and lose every fight even if I'm ahead. It doesn't matter most of the time that I have twice their farm or build full defense against them. No matter what champion I'm playing, i'm always weaker than my opponent. So weak that my jungler often dies if he trys to gank me because my damage doesn't matter at all. And THATS only versus Melee champs. In my Gold matches I'm mostly facing mages and ranged champs and, sorry, but the guides in the internet dont help a bit. "Just farm, you outscale them. they are much weaker after you get ABC und XYZ". yeah. no. I can farm as much as i want, i can buy items to counter them, i can still not kill them because even with 150+ armor or magic resistence and a lot of extra HP i get burst down immidiatly. I'm really trying to improve my gameplay and read a lot of guides, but the last 50+ games I dont understand the game anymore.
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