Strange fps with VSync on a 144hz Monitor

Well first of all, hey lol community. I know that this might not be the right place to ask but I'll still give it a try. I used to own a GTX 1060(6gb) for years and I was also using a 144Hz monitor, I was always playing with VSync and there was no problem with doing so (Literally never below 144 fps) However recently I bought a 5700 xt AND a new monitor(It's a 24G1WG4 for those who wonder), and the results were shocking: First of all VSync literally doesn't work, the fps bounces between 110 and 140 (Without VSync I have like 240 fps at both the beginning of the game) The performance overall was also kinda emberassing, I know this is an old game and direct x9 based and such stuff, but I'm stucking at arround 130-170 fps which is even worse than i used to have with my gtx 1060 Maybe someone of you can help me with that problem looking forward to get some help Thanks in advance.
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