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http://img8.myimg.de/zbilde6c9a.jpg **from 29.01 to 04.02 the english forum is cordially invited to be our guest :)** the aram rank mode is the most requested mode here in the forum and in every international forum in which I looked around, statistics for example aram ranks vs urf I have already listed elsewhere for the skeptics. Lately, aram quality has deteriorated significantly as aram was almost at the height of its games, now pro teams are disintegrating and you notice a certain displeasure in the different clubs. **I'll explain that too** 1.) The right-click was abolished to invite people to the gamelobby 2.) All gold items have been removed 3.) respawn times of champions / minions / heal have been changed With all the means you tried to cut and shorten the game, I still know where some games went 55 minutes, that definitely belongs to the past, you have the game as far as it is from 20 minutes already through in most cases , **we hold on again** 1.) really many people demand the aram rank mode 2.) There were countless complaints against the right-click 3.) There were countless complaints against the new 0-8-15 aram I know even from a reliable source (riot support) the riot exactly as intended **So now we come to my theory** In one of the last episodes, "riot", riot said he was asking questions "why do you urf in so many variations although all want the normal urf" the answer was summarized "We noticed that whenever we released this urf the players played so much urf that the numbers of the SR games went down drastically and we see that very critically as SR is our main game." **solution** in reverse and related to the aram ranks so you can use the same 1: 1 and already has one explanation why such a popular game mode is specifically outclassed. riot does not want people to play this mode as the main mode but they want to play the SR and if you do not want more on SR then you should play 1-2 round aram then to notice "the mode is shit, I play it again SR "just that one does not change the entire game in the meantime and zb to dota or something changes. So a strategic masterpiece in my opinion.
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