Perma Bann dank Teemo main

Game 1 Pre-Game AkaviriJustin: lingling hat viel bling bling AkaviriJustin: ling ling kann skins giften In-Game AkaviriJustin: go away AkaviriJustin: REPORT NAMI THX AkaviriJustin: wow fairplay pyke AkaviriJustin: report her ty AkaviriJustin: GUYS NAMI TROLL SHE FLASH INTO ENEMYS AND FEED AkaviriJustin: but fairplay by pyke AkaviriJustin: but its typical silver :D AkaviriJustin: :P AkaviriJustin: nami int AkaviriJustin: funny lane AkaviriJustin: she int and then afk AkaviriJustin: ffs AkaviriJustin: no AkaviriJustin: she ran down lane AkaviriJustin: and then she afk AkaviriJustin: CAN WE OPEN ? AkaviriJustin: Guys ? AkaviriJustin: push bot pls AkaviriJustin: open bot AkaviriJustin: cant lane against 2 anyway AkaviriJustin: push bot pls AkaviriJustin: maybe end before m,in 15 AkaviriJustin: no we cant AkaviriJustin: just go 5 man bot and push AkaviriJustin: we dont def AkaviriJustin: this sucks AkaviriJustin: she came to bot lane AkaviriJustin: flash into ezreal and pyke AkaviriJustin: and went afk AkaviriJustin: GG AkaviriJustin: amumu let them AkaviriJustin: fk this game AkaviriJustin: just cuz nami AkaviriJustin: and now we lose LP AkaviriJustin: cuz of troll AkaviriJustin: HAHAHAHA AkaviriJustin: yi AkaviriJustin: yes we are bad AkaviriJustin: thats why we lose AkaviriJustin: not cuz 4V% AkaviriJustin: we are so bad AkaviriJustin: HOW WE LOSE 4v5? AkaviriJustin: OMG WE ARE SO FKING BAD AkaviriJustin: but we got toxic teemo AkaviriJustin: so we win AkaviriJustin: yes but its time waste AkaviriJustin: and not funny anyway AkaviriJustin: games should be funny AkaviriJustin: yes AkaviriJustin: it sucks AkaviriJustin: and then a teemo who flame AkaviriJustin: Cant cuz teemo AkaviriJustin: he pressed no AkaviriJustin: yes he is AkaviriJustin: and he is wondering how i lose 3v1 AkaviriJustin: lol u flamed me AkaviriJustin: hahaha u wrote REPORT ADC 0/4 NOOB AkaviriJustin: thats not flame ? AkaviriJustin: typical TEEMO main AkaviriJustin: no soul and red haired AkaviriJustin: LOL WHO STARTED TEEMO ? AkaviriJustin: when i see ur 30% winrate acc AkaviriJustin: its okay AkaviriJustin: that u be toxic AkaviriJustin: cool AkaviriJustin: lol u blamed me first AkaviriJustin: u said im bad without reason AkaviriJustin: when u say we lose AkaviriJustin: and ping my score AkaviriJustin: its blaming AkaviriJustin: its like AkaviriJustin: we got a FGGT AkaviriJustin: 2/4 teemio AkaviriJustin: GG WP Post-Game AkaviriJustin: Teemo i know im bad cuz i lost my lane AkaviriJustin: IDK HOW I LOST MY LANE SRY TEEMO AkaviriJustin: sry that im so bad AkaviriJustin: idk how i lost 1v2 AkaviriJustin: im sorry master AkaviriJustin: report me for that AkaviriJustin: idiot AkaviriJustin: just kids start flame AkaviriJustin: like u AkaviriJustin: yes AkaviriJustin: sry that i lost 1v2 AkaviriJustin: i mean AkaviriJustin: when the enemyjunlge came bot too AkaviriJustin: and i went 0/4 AkaviriJustin: i rlly lost it 3v1 AkaviriJustin: sry AkaviriJustin: CUZ IT WAS FKING OVER ?!?!?! AkaviriJustin: AND WE SAID OPEN ?!!? AkaviriJustin: U DONT LOOK CHAT OR WHAT !?=!! AkaviriJustin: idiot AkaviriJustin: go next with ur teemo main acc First Chat: TEEMO main flames me how i lose lane as Sivir against Ezreal and Pyke 1v2 after my Supporter NAMI flashed into enemys and gave them fb and after that she went AFK then i get killed some often and we said lets open every one agreed until TEEMO he flamed me and then u see what i wrote and For real that not perma bann worth i spend so much money into this acc and a Teemo main who got reportet by the enemy team cuz he said the enemys are BAD dont get banned thats fair i mean my bad that i let me trigger there but for real thats stpd THX for reading this BAD ENGLISH IK
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