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(Yas)1: i actually feel bad (Yas)1: for camile (Yas)1: poor guy 2: stop whine.. man 1: was that enough of a ego boost for you? 6 hat die Lobby verlassen 3: thats one salty yasuo 3: XD (Yas)1: i'll stop whine 7 hat die Lobby verlassen 2: really salty (Yas)1: when they make the game balanced 8 hat die Lobby verlassen 4: ? (Yas)1: and playable 9 hat die Lobby verlassen 10: u deserve ur chat ban (Yas)1: you deserve 4: wut (Yas)1: to be gunned down 10 hat die Lobby verlassen 4: for playing camille? (Yas)1: keep playing camille (Yas)1: abuse (Yas)1: broken shi 4: i mean (Yas)1: to boost ur ego 4: camille is op 4: but not in lane (Yas)1: she is not op (Yas)1: she is ruining the game (Yas)1: and making the game (Yas)1: bad (Yas)1: like irelia (Yas)1: le blacn (Yas)1: and so (Yas)1: can name 20 more (Yas)1: insanely stupid broken **** 4: lol 4: 1v1 (Yas)1: that ruin the game 4: after this 2: because you cant 1 v 1 them? (Yas)1: i don't play against people 4: i play yas (Yas)1: that abuse broken champs 4: you play cam (Yas)1: to win (Yas)1: i dont even play ******* yasuo (Yas)1: i wanted to have fun (Yas)1: but sonme people take (Yas)1: lv 15 (Yas)1: to seriously 4: lol (Yas)1: and tryhard the **** out of the game 4 hat die Lobby verlassen 1: xDD (Yas)1: to ego boost themselves 2: you flame in a lvl15 game (Yas)1: mark my words wu kong (Yas)1: if we ever met (Yas)1: i'd break everysingle bone (Yas)1: in ur weak body 2: arnt you the one ruining the fun rn? Ich hab einfach mal die Namen gelöscht... hab natürlich Screen von der Postgame lobby.. aber wow.. der Yas meinte er hat einen chat ban weil er nichts macht.. jetzt weiß ich aber das er zurecht den ban bekommen hat... vllt ist der chatban hier nicht mal mehr genug, wenn er jedes game so abgeht wenn jeman Zed LB Camille usw spielt. Was meint ihr dazu?
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