Noschkov (EUW)
: Suche kostenlosen Support Coach
Spiel kein Support in Silber, es sei denn du bist Duo und der ADC kann carrien.
Crοwned (EUW)
: LoL he told me to play more. i have a positive winrate, thats all. Also i didnt matched the "requirements". After i asked him what he means because i read the post, i played over 30 games, im over 18 and i have discord, etc. After that he flamed me i was crying for help but didnt play the game at all? But didnt answered why i wouldnt meet the requirements. Then he blocked me after i politly asked i f he could answer my question. lol
That pretty much sums up my interaction with him in detail. The childish blocking part to end the conversation was the icing on the cake.
Dechsa (EUW)
: D3 Jungler sucht Leute zum Coachen
Dude has inflated low dia ego and behaves very antisocial in coms. Maybe knows how to abuse certain champs in soloq. Wouldn't recommend.
Kommentare von Riot’lern
Kommentare von Riot’lern
: Divinus Vires sucht Teammanager für Lol-Team
Gibt es eine Aufwandsentschädigung für den Zeitraum des Splits oder sucht ihr Personen die so etwas "ehrenamtlich" ausüben?
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: Suchen Substitutes für Amateurliga (Bronze-Gold)
Ich wäre ebenfalls interessiert. Habe auch Turniererfahrung gesammelt in anderen Ligen und Turnieren.

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