Patch 7.4 [23. February 2017] - Client Responding Slowly

Greetings, Prior to this patch, I had little to no trouble with the new client; however, as of today, the client has been extremely slow. Entering champ select takes a while, sometimes when typing the champion name in the search bar it lags out, after the game the client needs at least 10 seconds to load the end game results, opening someones summoner page also takes a while. This all hasn't been an issue before the patch. Things I have already tried: 1.) Issuing a client repair. 2.) Entering low spec mode (even though I have an i5 processor, 8 gb of ram and a 4 gb Nvidia geforce graphics card - shouldn't be an issue right?) 3.) Tempering with the client settings 4.) Defragmenting my disk drives, cleaning my windows and shutting down all unnecessary processes. I also see that a lot of people are having issues with the client, some are different than mine, but the catch is that this patch was supposed to fix the ''new client'' and speed it up. All I've noticed is that it is significantly slower
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