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{{summoner:31}} Hi everybody. I'm a_ "new"_ member of League of Legends. With the update of **rune **page system, i have to play with **only **2 pages. I've always be modifying one of these page when i haven't got the lane i wanted. And the timing... {{summoner:11}} I could not always create a new page in time {{item:3070}} For example when i'm last pick in drafk, and i pick the champion based on what pick enemies {{item:2045}} . But then I haven't sufficient time to work out a new rune page{{summoner:3}}. Since my settings have always something different from default settings {{champion:81}} and i can not copy past the default one in a new page and then modifying few parts {{champion:32}} {{champion:99}} So, I request RIOT to: 1. Add a **button **{{summoner:35}} to extend the LAST countdown timing. When someone needs more time, {{item:2419}} booking it in first 5 seconds of countdown will increase the time of 10seconds for 1 request, 15sec for 2 requests etc... for a max of 30sec of delay {{champion:245}} 2. This booking is visible to entire own team. The team with more request will determine the waiting time before the starting for both teams. {{item:3690}} 3. Introducing this button, we can adapt the timing to let "old" players start the game faster {{summoner:6}} when nobody request a extend. So we should reduce default countdown timing of 10-15 seconds. {{champion:26}} Or just set a default countdown of only 10seconds, and on request increase it one time. I'm {{champion:62}} sorry for my bad english skill. {{champion:222}} Waiting for this update {{item:3642}} {{champion:119}} Merry Christmas to everybody and Thank you RIOT! {{summoner:32}}
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