A suggestion for Alpha Client regarding Tier Upgrade Animation in ranked

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
Hello, Riot Support recommend me to post this here. In Alpha Client, when we are playing ranked and successfully upgrade our tier (For example, Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold, Plat to Diamond, etc..) an animation is presented to ourselves, Showing the tier upgrade and a rectangular box. But then , when tier upgrade Animation is over, we cant no longer see the Tier itself, and we can only see a rectangular box saying: You have promoted to Silver division 5, Plat division 5, etc etc. I tryed to search in google for an image to explain, but i didnt find it. In old client, however, we would have everything complete, like the link i will attach. Would be a cool for Alpha Client (In terms of visual aspects) if that Tier Animation was still arround after it ends, like the old client, and not just a rectangular box like it shows in new client! I hope you change this, and sorry for bad english

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