New client is worse than the old one

We're gonna create a new client they said, the old one isn't good enough anymore they said. So I was thinking "YAY finally no more disconnected from bullshit" I was wrong, it happens even more. Whenever I even try to switch to another window (skype, spotify, browser, discord,....) in champion select I get disconnected from The timer counts down and all but I can't select a champion, runes, masteries or spells. And every single time I get a leaver penalty. So in the end nothing changed and this client is shittier than the old one. And one more thing. Maybe instead of creating a new client you could have done a better job and made lol into one solid program instead of a different progress, or multiple, for the client and the game. It would make the whole thing run efficiently instead of having to launch the client and then the client launches another program to play the actual game. TLDR: they got rid of adobe air saying it limited them. Adobe air was never the problem, the same bugs we encountered in the old client are still in the new one.

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