Remove the AFK Kick System or something [Read before downvote!]

Okay, I know that the AFK detect and kick is done to prevent players that just join the game and not play, just to farm IP, levels or something, yet, there's a problem. Sometimes I get what I think is called a bugsplat, I mean while loading the game I get kicked out (this is extremely rare but still did happend), so I have to close the client and join again, the problem is, that when I get in game, I get the message on the screen that since I've been AFK I have been kicked, so I have to load again for the 3rd time the match. This is just stupid because it makes me waste more time that I could use, for example, I could have loaded fast enought to still do something in the game, and after having been kicked and reloaded, could be too late to save the match!

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