My first experience with the Alpha Client. [Long post, but has a TL;DR :P]

Alright, here's my first experience with the LCU. **** Just a few specs of the PC I installed it on so you guys get some context: First of all, hardware specs: - it's a Samsung laptop, with a i3 second gen CPU [i3-2330M]. It's a 64-bit processor, 2 cores with hyper-threading running @ 2.20GHz. Also, if it is an interest for anyone, Level 1 Cache: 128KB, Level 2 Cache 512KB, Level 3 Cache: 3072KB. - 6 GB RAM, DDR3, 1333MHz - 500 GB HDD, SATA, 5400 rpm. Space is distributed in 3 partitions: First one [C:] is for the Windows OS [100GB]. Second one is for a notorious pen-test Linux distro [Also 100GB]. And the rest is just for storage [D:] [around 280GB]. - Has the internal Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU and a dedicated nVidia GeForce GT 520MX graphic card with 1 GB memory - As for network, I'm using a wireless connection b/g/n mixed - Tx Rate: 300Mbps Now, for software specs: - Running Win10 Pro x64 - DirectX version: 11.1 - Usually running around 90 - 100 processes including apps I use. - My League is installed on [D:] **** Now, for the first experience: I downloaded the installer from the server and ran it. Opened pretty quick. Didn't take more than 3-5 seconds. Then it started to download the 700MB patch. Now from the start I ran into a problem. The downloader was downloading 450MB, then cleared up the already downloaded stuff and restart. I had no idea what was happening, and this happened a few times. I was thinking, alright, maybe there are more patches to be downloaded. After this happened a few times, I decided to take a look on what's going on and saw that I didn't have enough space on my D: partition for the download. That's why it reacted like that. Cleared up some space and then it downloaded it all. Would have been nice if it would have gave me a notification that I don't have enough disk space for it. So, I guess this is my [first suggestion] about it to the Riot team handleing it. **** Alright moving further, I opened the new client and accepted the agreements. At the login screen, I started to test out all the links and buttons. All seems to work properly and links direct to the correct URL's. Just on the "Settings" window [Top right gear, next to the close button], when you click on the "Save" button, it doesn't close the window. Would be nice to do it directly imo, and not having to click the "X" on the top right corner of it. [Second suggestion] Logged in properly. The process went easy and fast and the homepage loaded pretty fast for me. So, started to look around a bit. **** At first sight, nice and clean design, friends list looks nice imo and I like the fact that the chats are in only one window that you can hide now, and not having to have multiple tabs. I also like how game invites notifications appear on the top of the friends list, keeping the homepage clean. :) About the chat: Now, it all looks neat and all. But if you're replying to your buddy in multiple messages, it doesn't show them as different messages. Now, this doesn't bug me too much, but imo, I would like to have them separate so the chat would make more sense. [Third suggestion] Here's an example of how it looks like. I asked a friend to help me see how the game invites notifications work in the LCU. Here's how it looks like and what I'm talking about: Also, RIP Clubs on LCU for the time being. That module wasn't added yet, so no tags, no clubs chats, no nothing about them. [We're talking about the client here. The tags still do appear in game] **** Alright, moving on, I noticed that no other tabs than the "Alpha" tab are available at this time. It's understandable, they will be added at a later time. But that means, no profile page, no runes and no mastery edits, no shop on LCU at the moment. **** Clicking on the play button took me to the SR Blind Pick lobby. The process went smooth, no hickups, no screen freezes, nothing. Not sure in what direction this will evolve, but at the moment, if you want to change the game mode, you have to click on a "back" arrow. Everything went smooth for me while testing the available buttons there. No freezes at all. **** So, I queued up for an aram. Found a match pretty quick. The "Accept" popup came up nice and smooth [animation wise]. So, I got into the champ select. This one went somehow well too. My screen froze a bit, but just briefly. Now, I haven't tested changing the summoner spells yet, but will do on my next game. Selecting runes and mastery works at least. Then went into the game. **** After the game ended, I was brought up to the end-game lobby. In my opinion it's neat and clean, but could use some more game stats. Also, clicking on the "View match details" [or something like that] button, will take me to my match history. But I think that was just a fast soultion to it and will be replaced when they will add game stats and figures. Also, the gifting and honoring buttons don't work yet. Only the "add friend" and "report" ones. **** So, basically I think the Riot team making the new client did a really good job with it for now. As far as I've seen, the new client is running smoothly, there are no memory leaks that I could have noticed and it's pretty much responsive for now. And as you can see, the machine I tested it on is not really a high-end gaming device. It's actually a 5 years old, medium-low end machine. But the client seems to work well with it for now. We've just began this journey, but these are my first impressions and experiences with it. So, we'll see how it will evolve and what bugs we'll have to report and fix as we go down the road. This post was actually supposed to be an answer to [this thread](, but it got so long that I decided to put it in a new thread. **** As a TL;DR: 1. First suggestion: While downloading the patch and run out of disk space, it would be nice to get a notification. 2. Second suggestion: The settings "Save" button could close the settings window imo. 3. Third suggestion: While chatting with someone, would be nice to have the multiple messages from the same user sepparated by a line or something. 4. Overall, I had a pretty nice experience with it. Runs smooth and well on this medium-low end PC. Well done guys! Keep it up! We'll try to help you as much as we can! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} So, what about you guys? What's your overall experience?
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