Notable Beta Client Bugs

There are a few really annoying issues the beta client has: * Huge performance requirement. Unlike the legacy client, the new client asks for way too much from me. Even in "toaster spec mode" it still drops my FPS down to 6-7 from 35-40, with the legacy client. And yes, I CAN'T afford a better PC. Not sure if this is considered an issue or not, if Riot wants us to upgrade our PC's, which unfortunately won't be the case for me, at least not for a couple of months from now, then I guess I don't have many days left to play LoL properly. * Multiple processes in the task manager list. E.g. leagueclient.exe *32, 2-3 times, leagueclientux, leagueclientuxhelper, etc. This wasn't the case in the past... Right? * Failing to properly open and exit. Sometimes the client won't start, instead a "ghost" client will start but it won't respond, it's there but not really. Forcing me to close all these leagueclient.exe's through task manager and retry multiple times until it finally works. I assume that's from not exiting properly. I don't remember it happening right after a PC restart.a * Re-downloading the latest patch. Sometimes when I restart the client, it goes back to updating... I don't know why this is happening either. * Champion select screen chat not dragging down to the latest message. You have to manually drag it down to see the newest messages. This is everything for now.

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