Allowing skins to be purchased in Draft pick

The only reason why blind pick is still even viable to myself is primarily due to the fact it allows people with bonus RP to purchase skins in the spur of the moment, I am unclear as to why being able to buy skins in champion select is available for blind pick, but not draft. Myself personally once I've picked a champion will then often decide if I have the RP whether the skin would be worth buying; when I am in the store I feel overwhelmed with the amount of skins available and often don't buy any out of how many there are to chose from, however in champion select is different and allows you to get skins in the spur of the moment. The main problem here is I am forgetful and once i'm in champion select i'll remember that this was the skin I wanted to buy but after a 20-40 minute game i'll completely forget and move on.
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