Move "declaring your champ" BEFORE champ select?

Hi, I was thinking, since nowadays you can choose your prefered role before champ select, why not also move declaring your prefered champ before champ select (optional)? Of course you would still be able to change your declaration during champ select. This would: - save 10 more seconds in champ select - motivate the lazier players to also declare it, since during the 10 seconds its always a little stressful I think not a lot of people take declaring serious (i feel like under 50% of players declare their champ), which sometimes leads to problems/toxicity because of teambans. This might make declaring more standard for all players. For autofills there could be 2 solutions. You either dont get rid of the 10 sec at the beginning in case someone is autofilled, or players have the option of choosing their prefered champ for all 5 roles, either before entering queue or in their profile!
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