Changing Audio language

Hey, new to the forums here! (probably should've checked if a similar thread exists, thinking about it now) I wanted to pitch a suggestion for the client where the players can change audio language and text/interface language separately. As someone who is a fan of tons of different animes, the voice actors and actresses for the Japanese audio are really big names in the anime scene. Although I am unable to understand Japanese, I do geek out hearing Taiga's voice when playing Annie (was legit daydreaming of this since 2011, and it actually happened) I am aware that the demand for this was already present beforehand, but I figured Riot would've done something by now to address the fan's (pretty simple) request, especially as other clients have had this for quite some time. Clients such as that caters to **multiple** games, yet serve these accessibility features. For myself and maybe a few friends of mine, having this feature would legitimately increase our playtime and would probably destroy my wallet as playing more League would probably tempt me to purchase more RP. xD I do hope this is to be seen by someone from the dev team who is responsible for accessibility or some sort, so at the very least, we may find a **supported** 3rd party solution if we don't get local support from the client itself. Also, I may not be aware of currently supported 3rd party solutions, so if that already exists, someone please tell me, I wish not to modify the game files and have it affect my account, but if it is supported, I can open my mind to it.

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