What i think should be added next patch.

Since the Alpha Client gets "new" stuff added piece by piece. I think i am going to list what i would like to get added in a certain order. 1) Store Since i have all Champions it is only going to be useful to buy new Runes but those who want to buy Champions probably don´t want to switch their client only for this. In addition i am curious to know how the Store is going to be designed. 2) Normal Draft Pick Since i love the new Client (even though there are some parts i would improve) i don´t really wanna play on the old Client anymore and, since Normal Draft Pick is the mode i play the most, i would be happy that it is going to be added next. 3) Hextech Crafting Since u can earn everything Hextech Crafting has through the new Client but you are not able to use them or even see if you got something it would be great if this is going to be added soon. 4) Rotating Que Just so you can play the unique game mode that are only aviable on weekends. 5) Ranked It is not fifth because i don´t play Ranked but more over because the new Client can still contain some bugs that can influence your In-Game and i don´t want to risk losing LP because of such a bug. Maybe some are going to disagree with my list, but that is the reason I added the poll.
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