DC in every game, at least once

After new patches my LoL is going crazy. Sometimes I can't start searching team because the button is off. Sometimes I can't invite people. Sometimes window is closing without reason. This is not the worst thing... I have also DC in every game for 10-20 seconds. Game is NOT freezed, I see people walking around (or killing me) but I can't move and I have this window "Attempting to reconnect". And don't tell me it's my computer's fault. Everything was fine before last patches and that big error when people couldn't play rankeds. It's annoying because on EUW I can't play matches in Diamond (already lost games from D4 to D5 because of that...) and my points are dropping because I don't play! {{summoner:3}} If you have such a big problems with this game why you are not stopping points from being dropped? It's really unfair that we are trying hard to get the best division and then everything is lost...
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