Make the client drunk friendly

Im playing the game drunk most of the time since its more fun that way and I dont care as much about the flame. So I just talked to my ADC during champ select (got supp) and the ban phase started. We talked and talked. Time went by. And then I realized the counter. ONLY 5 seconds left. OMG, what do I ban. I typed kay but Kayn was banned. I typed zed, but he was banned. I pannnnnnnicked, the timer was at 1 second. (The author may overdramatize a bit since he's drunk, if overdramatize is an english word. But I hope you catch my drift.) So, now I'm still drunk but I need to wait 6 min which I waste by writing this comment which has horrible grammar. Bottom line, this post doesn't make much sense unless you're drunk. The real bottom line: I might be addicted to this game and hate my life or this is just the drunk me talking. ps.: English isnt my first language or mother tongue or whatever. The REAL bottom line: Lol is more fun when drunk unless you miss your timers to ban or pick. SUPER BOTTOM LINE: You can downvote your own posts. How cool is that. EDIT: Top comment: Git gud while drunk. Nice one. I really should try to get gud. XD Bottom comment: You are drunk alone? That might mean you are addicted to alcohol! I'm a teacher. Being drunk is the only way to get through the day. And I just realized AND tested: You can report your own posts. How cool is that?
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