I get a 14-day suspension for one game in which I had a feeder in?

Hello, I'm from the EUNE server which is the epitome of toxicity. I played 3v3 ranked flex queue for about 7 games today. I had feeders in 4 of them. When I got into my 6th game I got an Unranked Garen top laner who literally doesn't know jack nothing about the games summoner spell scaling system and what's even worse is that I'm ranked Platinum 4 while his skill level was clearly Silver. Okay I understand. You're below my skill level but you're gonna flame me. Of course I'm gonna flame you. Now I received a 14 day ban. But did he? Of course not. And mind you. I got this ban from ONE game. As the ban report couldn't show any other games for my behavior to be "EXCESSIVE". Riot. If you do not ban trolls but ban those who literally just get upset over 1 game and then ban THEM instead? I'm ready to quit this game if that's the case. Ban your toxic players instead of those who actually try to win for a change eh? It's getting out of hand.

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