Champion Shards

In my opinion, there are too many champion shards everywhere! In my last 3 honor capsules and 5 chests, all I found was Blue Essence and Champion Shards. Level-Ups mostly give Champion Shards. Most players including me (nearly) have all champs (they want) and obviously cant use that many champion shards to convert into blue essence. So... I think there should be something done. Chests are hard to gather and hard to open, Honor Capsulses are completely random and pretty rare. So the frustration is as high as you can imagine, when you open honor capsulses giving you nothing but champion shards. {{summoner:3}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Champion Shards should be removed from honor capsules definetly, and maybe also from chests - or alternatively tuned down- chance at chests. {{summoner:13}} That was my experience in the last months. Any opinions / experience / feedback ?
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