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**Pick any champion you wanted in the practice tool?** The free champion rotation feature is **awesome **and all, and i feel being able to try out a champion vs real people is a _necessary_ part of choosing which champion to buy, but seeing as we now have this practice tool wouldn't it make perfect sense to try/practice new champions? I already own every champion but i remember choosing champions based on splash art and overview alone, for example i bought {{champion:83}} back before his rework based on his cool "grave digger" theme, but it seemed like he never got a free week so i had to take the plunge, there's only so much you can get from youtube video's and guides. (I royally lost a couple times with way to many damage items and no mana items) I've played with a couple people who just started and I've noticed they didn't give a flying pig's buttocks about "skill caps" or "stats", they just wanted to have fun and look cool, veteran {{champion:64}} youtubers would then set their expectations high, they then shell out a little money and play Lee and get totally and completely destroyed and flamed followed by a weeks pause, rinse and repeat until they either never play again or take up the challenge and start really learning... So I was thinking the practice tool could fix this aspect of buying **your** champion, even if you didn't put the same champion up for free week it would still take 14 weeks or a little over 3 months to rotate through them all, not many have that kinda patience. sincerely a veteran summoner that's lost way to many new recruits to "**Over Hype**"

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