Servers merging

I can't possibly understand reasons why servers are still split, I get it, it WAS good call in time when it came to live, but now, I bet your servers can easily handle merging them. Community is split because of that and it not a good sign. Yeah sure, game is still doing great, and because of business you dont want to change that, cost of account transfer is huge. And NO, giving people who want acces to transfer wont fix the problem, I have been playing the game since (ending) of open beta, and I have seen queues just to login to servers, you managed to deal with them, partly because of server split. I remember that you gave everyone from EU acces to transfer for free and because of that people SPLIT, I cannot my account have been transfered 4 times (all free), because I wanted to play with friends that were SPLIT. After all this chaos, you never let transfer account for free again (EU West <-> EU East) only to new/newly added to pool servers. You can notice that your game's community is up on top of worst game's communities, Or maybe you dont even play the game anymore. And honestly Riot is doing nothing about it - Honor system died ->rewored - noone cares (maybe some). I sincerely loved the game in it's beginning, but community is too big of the factor to just rip people off money. Even if you cannot merge them. Look, Dota2... before you click to search the match, you can choose server and mode... Wouldnt this be the way out?. Latency on both of those servers are simmilar or even the same. I doubt they are placed so separate that it is even worth to split. (Maybe they even lay beside each other). Hope you have a great time reading all of this
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