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Hello fellow Alpha Client testers, I noticed something regarding viewing your profile and viewing the profile of another player. It shows your most recently played champion (I guess) but, when you view another player's profile it seems like a part of the splash art has been cut off. If you view your profile first and then a player's profile, [you can see both splasharts]( You see DJ Sona in the front and Ekko's hair in the background in the top bar. Idk if this is intended or not but I think it doesn't look neat. I'd rather want it to fill the whole client like as if you view [your own profile]( Also, when you don't visit your profile first and go for example from the Alpha page to [another profile]( it just shows a dark bar instead of the splash art. Thank you for reading, I hope to get a response from a Riot employee ^^ Kind regards, A Salty Snorlax

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