"Your Shop" is a disappointment, but definitely much better than the previous one

So, even though Riot tried to tell us this new "Your Shop" will be much better than the previous ones, their new fixed "Your Shop" if far away from what they told us it to be. The random skins we got are 90% skins we would never buy, only 50% of them are for the champions we main(it's even lower in some cases), even though they claimed its going to be 100% of champions we play the most. Even if you got the skin you wanted for the champion that is your main, the price drop is probably 20-30%, which is 150-300rp which is basically nothing. Riot has a serious work to do in future if they want "Your Shop" to make me buy any skins, it's not a waste of time, as it's clear that this new "Your Shop" feature is at least 70% better than the old one, which was too random and let's say "stupid" in a manner that it did not take any circumstances into consideration, just rolled random skins for random champions. Keep up the good work, and please let us spend some rp on a good sale offers.
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