Movable Rune Pages

Hello everyone, I want to make a suggestion and give an idea, but I am not sure if the boards is the right place to write about this or if I should send a ticket to Riot. I have had this idea which might be helpful for some people such as myself. I like to keep my rune pages in order. So if I have 3 rune pages for the ADC role, I would put them close to each other. However with constant rune changes, buffs, nerfs and overall changes to the game, sometimes I add new pages to fit specific champions better, however every time I add a new page it goes to the bottom of the list, and if it's a new ADC page, it would stay far away from the rest. So what I am suggesting is if moving rune pages would be made possible? For example: Create a new rune page, and drag it to the other similar rune pages instead of leaving it down on the bottom. This helps a lot with keeping rune pages in good order and multiple rune pages for a specific role close to each other. Otherwise getting new ideas and creating new rune pages but not being able to position them in a more matching order makes a big mess of pages and slightly harder to find the page you need when starting a game. Would be awesome if we had that little feature.
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