Endgame stats in percentages would be nice

Here's a little story, about why I would like Riot to modify the end game stats feature: After a great game I find it's nice to see just how good I was with the endgame stats screen. The stats table is nice, but often it feels like there is a little too much information to hide my awesomeness in. So I flip to the graphs page and find "Total damage dealt to champions" in a nice bar chart. Sometimes that tells me all I need to know, but other times I find myself wanting even more (I like to play tanks). I will go on flipping the switches on and off to dig deeper and really find that one graph that best shows off my awesomeness. However, when I try to display multiple stats at the same time, the graph stops making sense. For example minions killed and gold earned in the same graph will hardly show the minion stat at all because of the difference in scale (gold earned being much larger numbers dominate the display). Here's how I imagine it could it be done: So if you would, Riot, show me the bars in percentages instead of raw numbers, that would be a real treat. In that way, I could enjoy seeing how I was the best on multiple stats at the same time. For example if I have both most minions killed and most gold, I could show that in the bar chart (for example 15% of all minions killed and 13% of all gold). I imagine I'd have a whole bunch of big bars, while the others have tiny bars and that'd feel great. Does anyone else feel the same way? Do you use the end game stats the same way I do?

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