Client freezes at 27 seconds/when banning.

A few minutes ago I wanted to play a ranked game with somebody I duo with. When getting queued and placed in a champion select, all worked fine. I then tried to ban a champion, but my client froze (at 27 seconds before banning due). I had to close league by opening my task manager. I opened league again and we then waited 5 minutes cause of the punishment I got. *Edit* I see I also lost LP I guess. sad life. Obviously, I tried again. Same situation, same thing happened. Client froze. I'm not sure if it has something to do with banning a champion, or that there happens something at 27 seconds that freezes my client (all though that doesn't sound too realistic to me). I really want to get this fixed, since it gives me punishments I do not truly deserve, and it makes it impossible to play a game. Anyone got an idea what's wrong, or experiences the same problem?
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