perma ban accounts

i play since season 1 at main acc ... a lot of friends including my self in 1 acc have get perma ban and some times for unfair reasons because league of legends community is garbage riot is very strict 2 the players that get perma so i think after 7 years those accounts must get back somehow u cant spend for example 3/4 years of ur life 100+$ and u lose ur acc for 2-3 bastards than u meet in ur games if riot want 2 low the flamers they should put a remake at 1-5-10 mins of the game so no 1 would be able 2 troll or int :) anyway the soloution of perma ban accounts are :1) make a whole new server for those accounts where u can a) have no rules there will be ranks but riot wont report any 1 there b) just a second chanse that all reports get reseted and then if u get perma again bb acc 2) give those accounts perma ban chat so they wont be able 2 chat ever again or give them even perma ban at rank games so the perma ban accounts wont be able 2 play rank again ... those are my thoughts p.s i think make a whole new server is not ez so i believe that perma ban chat is way better and izier 2 happen :)
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