The weirdest bug ever

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i was just playing a normal draft game, just chilling like usual when i randomly dc. It took a bit more than 1mn so i restarted the client since i checked my connection and it works perfectly. What is weird is that when i opened the client again there was no game to reconnect to... It was 11mn in-game time and it took me a total of 3mn to reboot the client so it's obvious no one forfeited. I opened lolnexus just to check whether my game is currently going and it said it is. The problem is that i queued for a new game and im already playing in another game. I tried to purposely dc from the new game and reconnect and it still counts as the second game it's like i wasn't even in a game The biggest problem is that the game doesn't even exist in my match history here is my i'm very confused atm and dont understand what happened {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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