[SUGG] Blue essence skin boost

I have long thought about the problem of people amassing Blue Essence (BE). I know there's the special shop with super expensive skins like Urfwick etc. But still, this only delays the problem to later when they already have the Urfwick skin. People obviously always want a way to purchase skins for their BE. I understand that this is not what BE is intended to be for, and I agree you should not be able to buy skins with blue essence in any way. But what about a possibility to spend BE for a skin boost, like you currently can with RP for the whole team? Something that doesn't give any other bonus than unlocking a skin for one single game. There are three different options I have thought of, all of which could be independently considered: --- **Option 1: Group random** Temporary unlocks a random locked skin for every team member. Price: 1200 BE in total, individual cost scaling by the number of people contributing. 1st: 1200 BE. 2nd: 600 BE, other gets a refund of 600 BE => 600 BE per participant. 3rd: 400 BE, others get a refund of 200 BE => 400 BE per participant. 4th: 300 BE, others get a refund of 100 BE => 300 BE per participant. 5th: 240 BE, others get a refund of 60 BE => 240 BE per participant. 6th: 200 BE, others get a refund of 40 BE => 200 BE per participant [case only relevant for Hexakill mode]. These prices explicitly **do not** account for the case where any group member has no locked skin for his champion anymore. The group random payment mode gives a fair opportunity to show gratitude for the initial donator(s) by evenly sharing costs. --- **Option 2: Personal random** _Temporary unlocks a random locked skin._ Price: 450 BE, or 700 if only one is locked. --- **Option 3: Personal chosen** _Temporary unlocks the selected locked skin._ Price: 700 BE. --- **Notes:** The prices are set so that a chosen skin costs 700, a random one 450, but if 3 or more people paricipate for the group, the individual cost for a random is lower than a personal random boost. Group boosts can only be activated during the first 30s of the champion select, during which the personal boosts are disabled. This is to prevent weird edge cases were anyone used a personal boost before a group boost that would require some partional refund mechanism to keep it fair. Enabling group boosts separately before personal boosts solves this problem. As always, I have created some screenshots, for people love screenshots: https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/34575356/Boost.png https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/34575362/BoostEnabled.png
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