Instant feed back / something that will help the client feel smother.

Hi, I've been using the new client ever since the open beta, and here are my specs and thoughts about it: Specs: GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070; CPU: Intel i7 6700k ; Memory: 32 GB; OS: Windows 10; Thoughts: The client looks good, but is very unpolished, and is below the industry standard. Even on my specs, the client is just far too laggy/unresponsive. And I think it's just one thing you need to do to fix it, which is loading screens/instant feedback. What pisses off people is not the long loading times (well, not entirely) it's the uncertainty of weather the client registered the action or bugged out. For example, here's 2 situations: A- I click "Play", and after 2 seconds I'm instantly sent to the lobby. B- I click "Play", and the client INSTANTLY gives me an indication to tell me "Wait up, I'm loading, not bugged out". I'm pretty sure situation B is much better, it provides instant feedback, and you can make a transition (fade in/out for example) to make it "flow". In a 2016 GDC talk, Alex M.Lehman (one of the Art Directors at Rito Games) talked about responsive animations, I'll spare you the details but, his point was that when the player preforms an action, he wants to see its effects instantly; and that's what I think will make the client UX much more better. Anyway, those are my 2 cents on the issue, what do you guys think ?
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