[v0.9-2938059.2943527] Alpha Client Feedback

Hello friends and especially rioters who develop this new alpha client, Simplar Duosora is here with a feedback on a freshest alpha version of a client. First of all, I like how fast work on a client goes. It makes testing much more challenging and interesting to catch up with a shedule: feedback goes fast and sincere, that really helps to improve the client! **The things I liked in general:** 1. More simple and flexible interface overall, many parts of it are united into sections which makes a better hierarchy. The thing I specially like here is the idea of a Collection tab. Now this is a simplier way to organize things! 2. A store with a tabby chaos and endless loading pop-ups is FINALLY gone! It's gone native and inserted directly into the client's interface. 3. Peronal point reset buttons per each mastery tree. Definetly a feature I looked for long! 4. Animated summoner spells tab. Finally, a decent demonstration! 5. A great chat interface! https://pp.vk.me/c630319/v630319125/52cbd/s7962S93BE8.jpg 6. A new 'Play' button interface. Great one. **The things I disliked in general:** 1. Please return the mastery points display in profile for tier 7 mastery champions! 2. Please return a tabbed interface for runes and masteries. Dropdowns don't look good here. **Suggestions:** 1. Rework mastery page creation system. I suggest adding Mastery pages as a free stuff, but limited until level 30. Like Rune slots. It's logical: the more experience player gets, the more mastery page ideas come to his mind. So, we got 21 Mastery page limit; since players mostly play bot games till level 10, I suggest to give 2 Mastery pages on levels 1-10, then add 1 extra possible mastery page per each level over 10 (will be 21 page on level 30). **Bug Reports:** 1. Instead of displaying my highest rank in 3v3, it [displays my lowest rank in 3v3](https://pp.vk.me/c630319/v630319125/52cc6/RClgih8OUIs.jpg). Huh? 2. When I minimize the client and then maximize it back, [some interface elements disappear](https://pp.vk.me/c630319/v630319125/52ccf/tjuhyKAkkEY.jpg) until hovered. 3. The bought components of bundles [aren't properly darkened](https://pp.vk.me/c630319/v630319125/52d02/9T3kyfz5eKU.jpg). That's all for now. Good luck fixing and improving the client! -SD

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