bye lol cuz of client (for now)

ive been trying to log in for 7 days now with no succes username and password are fine, the log in problems started when the legacy client got removed. so maybe ill try agin next patch cuz rito also doesnt seem to be able to help me ive been trying for a week now and ive been using the new client since the alpha, and if i recall right rito wasnt gonna delete legacy if the new client was finished the moment they stopped with legacy more and more people became unable to log in: i just wanna play a game of lol for a week now i did everythingthe error mesage says but still get the same message, at least blizzard (overwatch)doesnt release busted clients and or games so ima play that now and use google to find a playable moba cuz lol isnt playable need to get past log in screen to play at 1st

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