what is with this orange essence

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i call myself kinda lucky because in the past i had spirit guard udyr and pulsefire ezreal (i ended up disenchanting SG udyr and getting PF ezreal permanent)and now i got elementalist lux shard but how much OE this skin cost is understandable but what you are getting out of it is %%%%ing madness, when i had the SG udyr and PF ezreal they both around the same as this lux skin but to disenchant it i got about 1000 OE from the udyr skin and that helped me get PF ezreal but now skins give peanuts, i am only getting 600 OE from this lux skin and i got 2 mafia mf skins and that is 195 OE each to disenchant. can you please lower the cost or higher what skins give you, i don't always get boxes so its not like every month im getting my 4 boxes to get this skin, i was sitting with no skins for so long i used my 3 gemstones to get 3 boxes and and got another gemstone in a box to get my 4th box, like come on look at how much keys i have
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