Leave buster adjustment

Good evening fellow summers , first thing first Please keep this out of argument and keep it polite Considering leave buster is very old and there is few adjustments need to be done as we get punishment there also should be an unpunished system when a player improves and stop afking Dear riot you must know that we have circumstances sometimes such as pc crash or connection restart every once a while or a problem in real life , am member since 2014 or even later I had afk punishment but I improved alot but yet my punishment never reduce in time even tho a 12 minute afk in a whole month and still gets me banned for 20 minutes What am asking for here is Better adjustments specially for the players who are reducing their afk chances highly maybe at least reduce the afk time to 15 minutes - 10 as players improves to prevent being afk. Give us a chance if someone disconnected in a game lets say for 10 Minutes but he came back and played over 20 minutes and helped his team to secure a win Still you'll be banned even though you won and helped your team , I hope there will be a good chance to adjust the leaver buster also if anyone think about some adjustments to help the community for better gameplay result give a shout and let riot hear us

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