"Troll Player" option in champ select

Hey everyone, So I was wondering about a feature (well, a button, to be precise) in Champ Select that could be used when your teammate trolls/steals your role. We all know the situation: after accepting the Ready-Check, you get into Champ Select, and you claim mid lane. After you Player X writes mid too and instalocks Yasuo, telling you that he said mid first. At your screen, you wrote mid first, so you ask your team, who is right, everyone agrees that you claimed first, but Player X has already locked his champion, so let him mid or let him go Yasuo jungle/support and lose 20 minutes of your life. (No, I don't think Yasuo jungle or support is bad, but ONLY RETARĐS INSTALOCK, so you will lose, I guarantee it) If this happens, you could just click the "Troll Player" button (I'm bad at names) next to Player X's name and ask your team to do the same. If enough players click this button, the Client would kick everyone out of the Champ Select and return them to the main page. Yes, there would be trolls. There would be millions of Champ Select reports every day. There would be premades that would report anyone that will not play by their rules. This is just a little idea that won't make into the game because of the cancerous community. Again. This post wasn't about the button, it was about you (maybe not you, but 60% of League players) being retarĐed. Stop it. Pelase. Are you a little kid or what? And if you are, why are you like this? Trolling and instalocking is bad. Grow up. Thanks. . . . . . . I wanted to delete all of this, but I thought again and decided to post it anyway. If I can save 1 Troll's life and make it better, it was worth it, even if this gets deleted by some Riot employee soon.
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