Curious about the participation in the Alpha Client

Hi everyone... I don't post very often so bear with me. So i know some people would maybe say it is unfair and that they would be upset because not everyone was given the chance to participate in the Alpha Test. But I am curious if people think that Riot will give anything to the people that did in fact participate in the Closed Beta similar to the KING RAMMUS skin that was given to players who participated in the very first Closed Beta for League of Legends. I did in fact see in a post not too long ago that looked like Summoner Icon that might possibly be for the Alpha Testers. And if people do think that Riot will give anything to those players. Do you think there will be a criteria of X amount of games played or X amount of feedback reported? I personally was playing quite a bit in Alpha when it was Blind pick only,in the beginning, but then was re stationed back to the states and I don't have any time at all to even really play and have not been able to participate in Alpha in quite a while. I am just looking for opinions on the subject or maybe if someone has read something that I havent if they could comment and let me know :D Thanks!
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