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Okay, so recently I got my thread removed because of offensive language, ye I admit I was rude and mean okay... I waited my 5 x 20 LeaverBuster which I got for lagging out like 1 min before game finished. Okay... I already accepted that this feature is a bully and can't think itself. But Riot please, may you make some plain text launcher for your game? (Maybe will finally no lag) Because since this new launcher is live, I can barely accept a match before the full timer goes out... okay still I can accept. But how the hell is possible opening a window with a few images (Summoner Spells) and picking one of them takes me 2 minutes, after that just scrolling between 139 images works like after 20 seconds, when I click a champion I want to pick my pick timer is almost gone and I can just luckily ban+lock in+change summs+change runes. Running on low spec with launcher set to High priority in processes and I even end EVERYTHING my PC doesn't need while playing LoL and it still sucks. Please Can you make something for us, REAL LOW-SPEC USERS? In game i get like 30-40 FPS in launcher I can tell it is 10SPF (Seconds per frame). Not everybody is 18+ so he can get a job and buy a PC himself or has a rich douche dad who will buy him Asus ROG to watch cartoons... **A LOT OF PEOPLE EXPERIENCE THIS PROBLEM SO PLEASE RIOT EMPLOYEES TELL US WHAT WE CAN DO SO WE CAN PLAY THIS GAME WITHOUT CHALLENGER PREDICTING WHAT YOU CLICK IN CHAMP SELECT** And please... you people if you see this thread comment what you think of it, I am seriously not the first one I've seen a lot of people experiencing this. Oh yeah, please forum mods/Riot employees or how are we supposed to call you (Don't know if you are separate) don't just delete some offensive threads in which people tell truth but care about your players. Thanks

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