alpha client friends & idk more stuff

i got my alpha client download somethin' like 2 days ago, and two things that are really bugging me is that; 1. it's really hard to see what friends are online and what friends aren't, i am using the option to still see friends that are offline because sometimes i need to use it and it's very use full but now everything is grey and i can't separate online from offline. 2. is that i can't get the friends list to go down. i get it that everything is customized accordingly and it doesn't go over the other stuff but it's hurting my eyes. also while we're at it could you please make it that if i sort friends by status it will go; online, in queue, champion select, in game, AWAY, on mobile. i don't really like it the way it is right now. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} thank you!

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