Having Problems With Client.

Recently I've been randomly taken out of champ select and have to queue up again even though I didn't do anything, this has happened about 3 or 4 times now. Also, today I got put in low priority queue because my computer crashed in an ARURF game, which isn't anything to do with the client of course however, I just tried to queue up with a friend with my 20minute timer, when it hit 20 minutes, the timer restarted and I was forced to leave queue. I don't know why these problems keep happening but they're pretty annoying, especially having two waste time with the 20minute timers. So I'm wondering if anyone else has been having the problems or if anyone has a solution to the issue. Thankyou. -SasekDwarf Edit: It turns out that a lot of people are having this issue, it kinda sucks because now I literally can't play league, so hopefully this problem gets resolved and Riot listens.

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