Fix your servers or atleast hire someone who can actually do a good job in there! I've just been waiting for 1 minute on Loading Screen (never happened in my entire life!) to find out later that the match ended up as a remake , with , ofcourse , ME , as the leaver! WTF... I don't want you go give me back the LP , I want you to fix your servers. Since season 7 started you started messing up so bad you made my 39ms go up to 60ms and up and I even went to DIGI to upgrade my internet pack and make it 300mbps connection and still no difference! If you can't do this , hire someone who can. Ruining my gaming experience. Also . Don't you even dare to call bullshit on anything of what I said. I sent more tickets in which i said the same things and explained what happens and since when and what my theory is (basically am not the only one...) Your response: Please provide us with informations regarding your device and your internet connectivity. Also , please send us your Game and Client Logs. I have totally wasted my time to send all those and later you were like "give us blablabla" and i simply didn't even bother anymore. EDIT: when i say that i've been waiting 1 minute on the loading screen i mean to say that i've had a delay on it to appear and right after , once it appeared , 1 minute passed only and then it showed me the post-game window
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