Riot made me hate the game I love [open letter]

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Dear Riot and fellow Summoners! I've been a player of this game for 4 years. The last client updates and patches drived this game crazy and I belive this is the time to quit. Let me share my thoughts. 1) It's irrelevant, but I've been a main Rek'sai and Riot, you kept nerfing her: Q damage nerfed, W knockup range nerfed, W passive nerfed, base health nerfed, it's simply not fun anymore, and I've been struggling to find my personality in other champs. And more relevant things: 2) The new client requires too much computation. It's a fact. It causes fps drop, missing frames, lagging picks. A true computer scientist or UX designer should exactly know how it affects the user experience and should never risk such an update. You guys did risk it. Although my Mac is able to run so many games, video editor programs, etc. it is simply not able to deal with your client. It's been a problem for ages and annoys me so much, I'm nervous about simply opening the game I used to love. 3) If everything went well, I managed to link a screenshot of my last wonderful gameplay. I am unable to play the game, because I only see a quarter of it. I am so done. How could it even happen to an official update of a game that is played by millions of users? :/ If you wish to keep your players, I recommend you to pay attention on the UX designers and the software engineers. +1) Coca Cola once chose to change the recipe of Coke. People hated it and the profit of Coca Cola was decreasing rapidly. Later on they accepted the fact that their change was not beneficial, so they switched back to the old recipe, people started drinking Coke again and the company was saved. I hope I'll hear something similar about Riot 2-3 years later. Regards, gergopool
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