My idea for small improvement for client & honor system

Hello folks! I just received an information, that I've got 4'th honor level & FINALLY, I repeat I FINALLY decided to spend some time [my english is not perfect, so I need some time (๑→‿←๑) ] and write this post - God, I'm so lazy :S So, I play LoL at "my computer". & When I say/write "my computer" technically i think about toaster ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ So I play at "low spec mode" & also I'm using "Close client during game" option for better performance. "Unfortunately" this combo forks so good, that before game/match starts I'm browsing internet - watching videos, reading news, laughing at kitties photos etc. And when game start I actually can just minimize my Opera & play a game & when game ends i can literally continue watching/reading/laughing etc. Why I'm doing this? Because for me opening client after match is really time-consuming (。-_-。) You know - game ends, I see my desktop, client "buffering" appears & it need "some" time to load and give me chance for vote honor. This "buffering" needs so much time for me, that I literally can't just watch "buffering" client, because it's so boring, so I just continue what i was doing before game started. Now - the main problem is that **I'm literally missing so much votes to give just because I'm forgetting about 40 seconds vote time & client is not giving me bright/obvious information that my client is ready.** Even when "buffering" is progressing my LoL icon at Taskbar is blinking in yellow, but still even then when I'm checking client, it's still "buffering" & blinking stopping and... Yeah - still need more time. So my idea is - can you guys give some indicator(?)/bright/obvious information for people like me... Or is it just me? (。・・。) But - idea is idea: _How it could work KMyL?_ You aks. Well: - Give audio/sound information, that vote screen is LOADED - when the honor vote screen appears you can just add Specific sound, that could us (only me?) inform about that. The simplest would be just nice, epic, dignified short sound. The coolest would be really nice, epic, dignified 40 seconds long music - so coll, that people which even don't want honor anyone would just wait 40 seconds to listen that music ┐(・。・┐) ♪ You know - When I'm entering queue i hear specific music. When Game ends & I can check game stats, report someone etc. I hear music(?) too. Then why don't add some "sound" in honor vote screen? - Give visual information, that vote screen is LOADED. When I'm in champ select probably 7 seconds before match start client pops-up. So why not even after game? How about it?
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