unnecessary censoring of certain words when naming an item set in the client

For some reason certain normal english words get hit by the maturity filter even though they are not profane words. In my case I tried, for example, using the word ''classic'' in my item set name, but for some reason the ''ass'' part gets censored leaving it as cl***ic. What's more is that I have the maturity filter disabled in my client settings, so technically it shouldn't even get censored to begin with. Screenshot of censored word: https://gyazo.com/0a56762701b5cd22f33b23d5113cfaf6 Screenshot of client settings: https://gyazo.com/5de5752c709facbcc9f42b2094095f60 So yeah, why does it try to filter despite the option being turned off? Also, could the filter perhaps be adjusted slightly so that normal words dont get filtered out due to it containing the letters that would, when seperated, create a profane word?
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