Can we get normal drafts back ?

Greetings summoners , I have been playing League of Legends since {{champion:101}} got released and have played since then . A while my friends and I were talking about how blind pick frustrates us and how we can't deal with instalockers and flamers spamming " I said top 1st noob " . Eventually Team Builder got released and things were looking up . I only played that for as long as it was out because in TB i played MY champions in MY roles ! No one told me what to do and who to pick . Currently though there is no substitution ... nothing ... With the introduction of flex ranked during preseason , normal drafts ( in the form of dynamic queue inspired from TB) got removed because : " Nobody is really playing it " as riot said . So here is were things stop making sense : %%%%%%%%%%tes **healthy** and **casual** game play . And then they remove Normal draft hmmm so ppl like me are forced to play Flex instead of the ~~primitive ~~ (no I'm done being polite) cancerous blind pick . So few days ago i sent a message at riot support . The supporter agreed with my comments and basically said .... Sorry can't help you . Why ? Because of a statistic according to which a very small amount of summoners play it.For me that is not a solid reason to do so especially when other servers HAVE IT. I kinda feel discriminated , not saying that eune is but thats how i feel.And here is a fun fact : Over at patch note's 7.1 and 7.2 comment section EVERYONE IS BEGGING FOR IT TO COME BACK . So to sum it up i call for a pole to show Riot that we CAN make a difference an we CAN make our voices heard ! Thank you for your time , Peace
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