New Client is very laggy (MORE BELOW)

So, I am writing to the people of Riot(or anyone who knows how to fix this) to fix your client. The client always freezes during champion select and I'm having to face dodge queue punishments for up to an hour for this. This is not a spec or a network problem, because few weeks ago and before the removal of the old client, I had no problems at all. So something must that has been updated in the new client must have provoked it. Will you be able to fix it in the next patch? Because I really enjoy this game but things like this get me very agitated as its not my fault. In addition, yes, I have tried the low spec mode but that doesn't seem to resolve or improve the performance. I have to wait at least 10-25 seconds to get into champ select which leaves me about 5 seconds to choose a champion/set runes/choose skin etc... Tried the _ipconfig /release, /renew, /flushdns"_ but although it has worked perfectly, it keeps reverting to old problem. Have disabled background processes and EVERYTHING. But still nothing. Like I said, the before the new new client ( the one now) the old new client worked fine. Also the old old client did. Looking forward to your replies. -Good bye, _Best Luck in the fields of Justice!_
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