Draft mode in EUNE (Again *Yawn*)

As we all know, only EUNE has limited time **Draft Pick** since few months ago _(from 12:00 (12:00AM) to 00:00 (12:00PM))_ and there has been many similar posts to mine and rants time and time again. I really hate **Blind Pick** Mode, and I don't feel like playing ARAM sometimes and I quit Ranked back in February and played just few rankeds since then. My biggest source of fun in league (Yeah, there's someone who has fun in league) is Draft Pick Normal mode, because I can ban a champ I don't wanna play against, and I can enjoy my game no matter the outcome because I don't tryhard and am not playing for any rank, more just to waste time and have fun with friends. **Yet when Midnight passes I am forced to either: -Exit the client -Play Blind Pick (which I really can't stand at all) -Play Flex/Ranked soloduo because it has bans -Play ARAM** And sometimes I really wanna play league, not tryhard, not have to deal with trolls and instalocks or flamers who say 'I was 1st' even when they were not, nor play ARAM cuz at that point I don't feel like playing it. **Why can't we, as all regions, just have Draft pick all the time??** Mornings when I am not on work or I get up early and have nothing to do, I am forced to do any of options above, and wait for 12:00 to play the only gamemode I am always up for to play, or nights when I can stay awake late, also forced to do those things, I just play league for fun, and I am not triggered by outcome of the game, nor do I tilt or flame when I feed or someone else feeds, I just try to settle it all down, but only thing I hate is when my internet is lagging and my ms is big or people who argue, flame and bring toxicty in game (READ: Blind pick champion selects). **Please, Will we ever see Draft pick be available 24/7 on EUNE or do I really have to pay you money to transfer to EUW just so I can play at any time of the day?** Sincerely, Your **_Unmasked Kindred_** _Darkness is scary and full of bad creatures, Take this one with you and stay safe. {{item:2055}} _
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